Low-Cost Community
Vet Clinic

Income assistance

Affordable, Compassionate
Veterinary Care

We offer affordable veterinary care to pet owners in Memphis and Shelby County who receive income assistance such as social security, disability, unemployment, food stamps, Medicare, and more. Our goal is to keep pets in loving homes and enable more people to reap the benefits of pet ownership.  By keeping pets healthy, we’re able to support long-lasting and loving relationships between pets and the people who love them as well as contribute to a healthier, safer Memphis. Review our options below.

Bring joy

Adopt a Pet

Pet adoption benefits both the adopter and adoptee. It brings joy, love, and companionship, while providing purpose, routine, and health benefits for the adopter. Adopted pets receive a second chance and a loving home, freeing up space in shelters to help more animals. It’s a win-win situation, creating a lasting bond.