Local Laws

Report Cruelty

Effective Feb 1, 2020, all animal control concerns made in Memphis will be dispatched through the Memphis Police Department to improve and simplify the process of reporting any animal concerns.

Shelby County residents (excluding Bartlett, Germantown, and Collierville) should call the police non-emergency line at 901-545-COPS to request assistance. MPD will then route the call to MAS animal services officers.

Bartlett Residents:

Bartlett Animal Shelter


Germantown Residents:

Germantown Animal Services


Collierville Residents:

Collierville Animal Services



Advocate for Animals
Know their rights.

Being educated on the laws protecting companion animals makes you better equipped to advocate for animals. It can also help you understand what kinds of cases can be prosecuted in your jurisdiction.


State of Tennessee

Relevant section: Title 39 – Criminal Offenses > Chapter 14 – Offenses Against Property > Part 2 – Animals

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Shelby County Ordinances

Relevant section: Chapter 4 – Animals

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City of Memphis Ordinances

Relevant section: Title 8 – Animals

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City of Bartlett Code of Ordinances – Animal Control

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City of Germantown Code of Ordinances

Relevant section: Chapter 5 – Animals

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City of Collierville Code of Ordinances

Relevant section:  Title IX – General Regulations > Chapter 94 – Animals

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Memphis Shelby County Building and Construction Code Enforcement

Relevant section: Special Regulations, Chapter 15, Plumbing Code Local Amendment 1507.2 Dog stands, animal, fowl, pets

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