Dog Training

First Steps
Dog Training Basics

Reaching your dog’s fundamental skills such as sit, lie down, come when called, and loose leash walking is a fun and powerful way to help form a strong bond between you and your new best friend.

Join our Animal Behavior Specialist, Lee Phelan, for a six-week basic manners course. Lee is certified by the Counsel for the Certification of Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) and is also a Pat Miller Certified Trainer (PMCT). In this course you will learn how to train your dog using force-free methods, relying primarily on positive reinforcement of desired behaviors.


Dogs adopted from HSMSC: $80
or all other dogs: $120
An Overview
The Standard Curriculum

Week 1.

Discussion of how dogs think and learn; how to use a clicker or verbal marker to make learning easier; “sit”; “hand targeting.”

Week 2.

“Down,”“go to mat,” introduce “drop/leave it.”

Week 3.

“Drop/leave it,” “come when called.”

Week 4.

“Loose leash walking,” “polite greeting.”

Week 5.

“Wait for food,” “trick” of the student’s choice.

Week 6.

Review all behaviors.  Demonstrate “shaping” as another method of dog training. Demonstrate greeting of two dogs on leashes.

Dog Training Form


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