Happy Tails: PetSuites

March 12, 2024

The Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County is fortunate to have local partners who share our dedication to animal welfare in Memphis. One of these is PetSuites. Their Cordova, Olive Branch and Collierville locations have banded together to sponsor the monthly giving group Friends of the Humane Society as well as many of our fundraising events. 

Recently they came up with an even more creative way to support our mission – fostering! Starting with Howard, they took this lovable, goofy pup into their Cordova facility to shower him with love, attention, and training. A short while later one of the staff fell in love and took him home. Now “Howie” is living the good life with warm beds and belly rubs. 

Next they brought in Teigan, one of our long term stays. A highly energetic dog, she thrived in play groups and on agility courses. She was adopted by her trainer, who is working to prepare her for agility competitions! 

In January of 2024 we were desperately seeking fosters while we renovated some of our kennels. PetSuites was there for us again and took in Elvis, Crab Rangoon and Opie. While at PetSuites they made new friends and enjoyed tons of playtime with PetSuites staff. This playtime is critically important for our dogs, as it helps prepare them for life outside of our shelter, where they’ll regularly interact with their new family, other people and animals in the community. These stellar dogs are undoubtedly more prepared for adoption because of their time with the PetSuites team.

After renovations were complete, PetSuites stepped up once again and took buddies Rexcina and Nestle. After a few extra weeks of love and attention, both dogs found their forever homes! 

Not only has our partnership transformed the lives of these seven dogs from our shelter, but PetSuites makes our monthly giving program, Friends of the Humane Society, possible. 

As we celebrate these happy tails and countless more, remember that together, we can make a difference – one wag at a time! 


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