Adopting a “less-adoptable” pet

August 1, 2023

Every animal deserves a loving home – regardless of its age, size or background. While puppies and kittens tend to steal the spotlight, there’s a special place in our hearts for the animals that stay in our shelter for longer. These dogs and cats typically have unique needs or histories that mean the right family is a little harder to find. But, we believe that the perfect match is out there for every animal that comes into our shelter! The third week in September is Adopt a Less-Adoptable Animal Week, so here are five reasons you should consider adopting a pet that has unique needs.

Make a transformative impact on animals with chronic needs

Adopting a pet is an opportunity to be a hero in an animal’s life. If you have the means, adopting a pet with a health condition or disability can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Caring for an animal that couldn’t survive without your love and support builds an inseparable bond and gives your pet a second chance at life. We have dozens of animals at any given time that have unique medical circumstances. If you’re considering adopting one of them, our adoption and veterinary teams can instruct you on how to provide loving care for the rest of your pet’s life!

True uniqueness

Each pet has a story that makes them one-of-a-kind. Their quirks and special needs give them a distinct personality. If you embrace these features, you’ll find that all of these animals are capable of loving companion relationships and could enrich your life.

Championing hope

By choosing to adopt a pet that may have faced challenges finding a home, you become a beacon of hope for other animals in its position. By adopting a pet and sharing your story with people you know, you challenge stereotypes and inspire other people to consider adopting animals like yours. It breaks down barriers and shows people that they’re capable of caring for animals that have stigmas associated with them.

A lesson in empathy

When you choose to adopt a pet with special needs or a tough background, you open yourself up to a world of empathy and understanding. This experience not only enriches your relationship with your pet but also extends to your interactions with other animals and people.

Whether it’s due to age, size, breed, medical conditions or past experiences, some animals might find themselves in the shelter for longer periods of time. By choosing to adopt a cat or dog with unique needs, you’re offering them a second chance at a happy life. Apply to meet the animals in our shelter today. 


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