A guide to pet-friendly holiday feasting

December 14, 2023

As we gather around the table to celebrate the holidays, it’s important to remember that our four-legged family members might also be eyeing the delicious spread. While it’s common to include our pets in the festivities, it’s crucial to be aware of what’s safe and what’s not for our furry friends. Here are five examples to be aware of this holiday season. 

Turkey tips

Turkey is a holiday staple, and most pets will pressure you to have a taste. However, it’s safer to just say “no.” Although turkey is not inherently bad for dogs, the meat needs to be cooked, deboned, skinless and seasonless for it to be totally safe for your pet to consume. And, don’t forget, cooked bones can splinter and cause serious harm to your pet’s digestive system, so keep those out of their reach as well! 

Say “no” to seasonings

While we love the rich flavors of holiday dishes seasoned with herbs and spices, some seasonings can be harmful to pets. Ensure your dog or cat doesn’t have access to any foods with garlic, onion, sage and other seasonings that may be toxic to them.

Keep desserts off the table

…Metaphorically, of course. Desserts like pies and chocolates are a big no-no for pets. Chocolate, in particular, contains substances like theobromine that can be toxic to both dogs and cats. By keeping these sweet treats out of reach, you can avoid any potential emergency visits to the vet.

Watch your wine glass

Alcoholic drinks can be enticing to your pets, but they are extremely toxic and can cause serious health issues. Keep all libations out of reach and be cautious about spilling. 

Secure the trash

Avoid the National Lampoon’s Christmas dinner disaster and be sure to secure the trash properly once the feast is over. Leftovers, bones and other scraps can pose a serious threat to your pet, if they are ingested. 

It’s crucial to keep our pets in mind around the holiday season. While it’s tempting to share our holiday feast with them, sticking to pet-safe treats and avoiding harmful foods will ensure a joyous and worry-free celebration for everyone – including our beloved furry companions. Happy holidays! 


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