Happy Tails

What we want for every animal in our care is a happy forever home where they’ll be loved and cherished. So we LOVE getting updates from our adopters about how great our former residents lives are now! Take a look at some of our Happy Tails, or click below to tell us about your HSMSC-adopted pet’s Happy Tail!


Adopting Missy was the best decision of my life. She is so sweet and cuddly. We love hanging out on my balcony together and she loves bird watching from the balcony windows. She loves sleeping on my bed with me, and whenever I stay up too late she likes to remind me that it’s bedtime from the hallway door!

Lil Stich

Lil Stich is a joy in my life. I rescued him on a Thursday and the next Thursday he rescued me.   Lilstitch is a happy, lovable, curious, friendly, protective and sympathetic dog. When I am upset or sick, he is so concerned that he tries to comfort me. Lilstitch loves to be prayed for. Every morning when I pray, Stitch comes near so that I can touch his head a pray.  He actually walks away when I say Amen.    He loves attention and loves to be cuddle. He is so precious to have and I wouldn't trade him for anything!


Lyndy is the sweetest cuddle puppy, who gazes at you with soft brown eyes that melt your heart. His favorite game is when Michael yells “Go, Lyndy, go!” which is his cue to run laps around the backyard. At 12 years old, his face is greyer but he’s a very distinguished gentleman.

Potter & Tonks

Potter and Tonks love to spend a lot of time at Shelby Farms and in our backyard. We are happy that we adopted them and they are a great addition to our family.


She brings so much joy to our lives and anyone she comes in contact with! I hope everyone will give a 3 legged baby a chance because she is the sweetest baby alive!


Ping has changed my entire life. She has given me purpose. I've lost my entire family and the day I brought her home I felt real love again. My life revolves around her happiness. Miss Princess Ping Li' rules our house and everyone in it.


Our girl is SO affectionate and vocal. She gets up with mom in the mornings and hangs out with her during coffee time. One morning, mom turned away for a bit and Pepper hopped up and was helping herself to mom's ice water. When mom took her water away, Pepper complained repeatedly. So she got her own glass of ice water. The next morning, mom came into the living room without Pepper's glass and Pepper let her know about it! Now, her morning glass of ice water is part of the morning routine.

Kitten Hairynton

Kitten loves romping around, playing & snuggling with his adoptive brother Jalapeno, and has a fondness of stealing bacon. His passion is snuggling in the wee hours of the morning, and his sweet purrrrrs could wake up an entire neighborhood. He is very loved, and very happy! And yes - his button-nose gets lots of BOOPS!


Thanks to you, Umpa and I have found a great bond and friendship. He is truly a joy, loves his walks, belly rubs and snuggling. And chew toys don't stand a chance, five minutes tops, squeaker and destuffed totally! Love to all that you do for these sweet children.


Barry is the most loving and cuddliest little boy. He loves loves loves belly rubs! He thinks he's small enough to be a lap dog and likes to climb up on the couch and lay down on our laps, occasionally putting my leg to sleep. We are so happy to have Barry in our lives and can't imagine life without our little man!


Denny loves having snuggle time in the evenings, playing with his stuffed fish, holding hands (very interesting), meeting new people, and being right there with us to "help" while we cook. We are so grateful to the Humane Society for uniting us with our little pal.


Bayou is such a sweet and loving pup! She loves to cuddle and watch Netflix and loves playing outside. She has been such a joy to our home! She is very protective of her family, and she absolutely loves my baby sister!


en is the sweetest dog we've ever owned, he loves everyone, especially the grandchildren. His favorite activity (or non-activity) is looking out of the window in our family room upstairs.


Amara is amazing!!! I can’t believe how well she has adjusted and how well behaved she is. Thank you all.


I am so thankful for Jackpot. He came into my life right when I needed him. I lost my previous baby last year due to old age. Jackpot is very sweet and loving.


She continues to be very affectionate and follows us around everywhere. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give Olivia a home; she is a great dog!


Voltage is an amazing service dog who has been with me on airplanes, to art museums, the ER, and countless other places. He has greatly improved my health and I’m so grateful for him every day. Thank you so much!


Kramer has made us laugh every day since we adopted him. He and our 8-year old cat have become the best of friends. We were lucky Kramer found us.


Catalina is a ball of crazy energy and a total cuddle bug. She is the perfect addition to our family and our other dog Loki and her play and wrestle and run around the yard all day. Can't imagine our family without her now.


Pip has been such a great addition to my family and I love her with all of my heart! She loves to lay on my lap and look up at me with that big goofy face. I couldn't imagine my life without her!


Its like Luna has always been around. She fit right in with our wacky family. She has lots of energy, but also lots of love. She loves to play fetch and will run for hours if you chase her! Her favorite fetch toy is the head (all that is left) of her squeaky squirrel.


Cooper has graduated from Beginner Training class. He loves Nudges Treats, and anything you have in your hand. He has taken over my pillows and my heart.


Adonis is doing great! He is the sweetest kitten - loves to play and cuddle! Thank you!!


His goofy, loving personality is the absolute best addition to our family and we love him so much!


Pippa is such a great addition to our family. She is the happiest, most-loving little thing, loves to play with her brother, Tucker!


He is the best thing that has ever happened to me- he is SO loving! I am so, so happy I chose to adopt a senior cat!


Mila is my truest companion, the brightest shining spot in my days, and I can't imagine my life without her.


We completely lucked out with getting a dog as great as Bailey! She obsesses over tennis balls more than anything in the world, loves to swim and fetch, and takes world-class naps!


Rain has brought so much joy, happiness, and entertainment to our lives and our other cat Rusty.


Dixie is 14 and who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? She is getting better everyday. We are loving Dixie and pampering her.


We love her more than anything. She is very sweet, loves to ride in the car, and is a total lap dog. She is my best friend and my life is better because of her!

Duke Silver

Duke Silver has been the best thing that has happened to me in Memphis. I moved here with no friends for a teaching job and he has completely turned my world around.


Sophie Girl with her most prized possession! Happy in her new home.


Earl (formerly Corduroy) learned how to sit like us. This has become his favorite posture! Sometimes he will even put one paw on his belly like, "Ah, too much food here."


Bernard loves bully bones & puppy ice cream, his twin feline sisters, Science Channel with his dad, going to day care, and lots of naps!


I adopted Atticus from HSMSC when he was just six weeks old and he has had my heart ever since


"Astra" (now London) adopted last August, loving her new life and family. She is the sweetest baby in the world!


He loves his "sister" Lucy and she loves him very much. We couldn't have asked for a better boy to become part of our family. He is so loved and we are so happy with him.


I've had cats my ENTIRE life and Percy is the most loving cat I've ever had.


Buddy is doing great! He is almost 90lbs! He loves his brother and sister. He is truly one of the family.

Coco Puff

This little lady brightens my day. We totally love her!

Cersei and Sheena

Cersei & Sheena have already become permanent parts of our hearts!


Delilah is full of kisses, loves every dog and cat, and cleans her plate at every meal.

Duke Silver

I can't explain how happy Duke has made me. He completely consumes my world & I wouldn't want it any other way!


She has made my life so much richer and brighter. I just don't think God could have created a sweeter dog!


Her spunky personality and sweet cuddles are just some of the things we love about her!


Kindle has successfully integrated into the family and forgotten about her rough start in life..


Fuzzie loves to sit only in this spot and watch movies the whole night!


Mickey takes his toy bear to bed with him every night. We love having him in our family!


Odie is the epitome of a "momma's boy" but he's quite happy to share his love with everyone he meets.


I can't tell you how much of a blessing it is to have Pasha be a part of the family!


She is my best friend and was meant to come into my life when I needed her.


Sinatra makes me laugh every day, he has taught me patience and trust. And I could not love this fathead more!


Tizzy (now Tessa) has taught me so much about love and patience and we have learned a lot from one another.


Here is Summer on her way to a first place and a qualifying score at a AKC agility trial in Murfreesboro!

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