Risa and Blaine need your help this month

Risa and Blaine need your help this month

Surgeries will allow these sweet animals to play again. Please donate today to give them the medical care they need. Your donation gives them hope for a happy and playful future.

Risa came to us as a stray after being found by a Good Samaritan who saw a very skinny dog struggling to walk in a field near her home. When Risa arrived at the Humane Society, she was scared and unsure of humans. As soon as we saw her we could tell that her hip was broken and needed immediate medical attention. We found out she was also heartworm positive and full of internal parasites. X-rays revealed a bony growth in her hip joint, likely from the result of an old break that did not heal properly. We were determined to be there for Risa and give her the love and care that she had not known before.

At the Humane Society, Risa was given nutritious food and cured of her parasites, and finally became healthy enough to undergo surgery. Risa needed a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) which removes the ball of the hip allowing scar tissue to form in the joint, preventing rubbing of bone on bone. Risa requires a strict physical therapy regimen to build surrounding muscles and ensure a good range of motion in the hip. Most dogs start using the surgery leg within two weeks, but the physical therapy and muscle building can take up to two months. Risa’s care including surgery, spay, heartworm treatment and her length of stay with recovery time will cost over $2,000.

Since 1933, people like you have partnered with the Humane Society to provide neglected, abused, and injured animals like Risa and Blaine a second chance at life. Please partner with us again today.


Blaine is a sweet boy that we brought over from Memphis Animal Services. He has a broken femur that will only properly heal with surgical correction. Blaine is going to need extensive surgery that requires a plates and screws to reinforce the bone providing stability while the bone heals to its original strength. The cost for surgery and care for this sweet animal will be over $2,400.

After surgery and time to recover, and lots of care and love he will be ready to be part of his forever home.

Both Risa and Blaine have a long road ahead of them, and we will care and love them every step of the way.

We are the Humane Society of Memphis and Shelby County. We care for the most vulnerable animals in our community: the injured, abused and neglected animals that need the most intensive care and love.

Animals in our care stay as long as they need to heal and find their forever home with a loving family. Join us in our mission of saving lives & giving second chances.

Please donate today!

Thank you!!

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