Animal ID 47887474
Species Dog
Breed Mixed Breed, Medium (up to 44 lbs fully grown)
Age 4 years and 4 months
Gender Male
Size Medium
Color White
Spayed/Neutered Neutered
Declawed No
Location Dog- Not Ready
Intake Date 21/04/2022

Disclaimer: While the traits described below are those we have actually observed, they may be different in an unfamiliar or new environment and cannot be guaranteed.

Can you guess what I have in common with Christopher Walken, Dan Ackroyd and Mila Kunis? We all have heterochromia, a fancy word meaning that one of our eyes is a different color than the other. It doesn't affect my vision at all — I'm just a normal, happy, energetic doggo. I'm 3.5 years old and weigh 32 pounds. I play well with some of the other dogs here. I'm not crazy about them all, or about cats or young children. But I just love learning new things: So far, I know "sit," "touch," "down," "come," and even "twirl"! Lately, the staff has been teaching me to jump through a hoop! I also love to sing and play guitar. Okay, I made up that last part, but that's because I really, really want to persuade you to come and meet me. I know you'll fall in love with me if you give me a try. . . . Please call the Humane Society today to ask for more information and set up a time to meet me. Since I've been here for about a year, they've even waived the normal adoption fee.

Approx. age: 3.5 years
Weight: 32 lbs
Intake date: 4/21/2022
Breed: Mixed
Dog friendly? Selective
Cat friendly? Untested
Child friendly? No young children
House trained? Unsure
Crate trained? Unsure
Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Adoption fee: $0 ($6 for a Shelby County-mandated rabies tag)

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