Fido Fixers Unit Offsite Schedule – May 2017

Fido Fixers Unit Offsite Schedule – May 2017

In an effort to reach zip codes with higher populations of unaltered animals, the Fido Fixers Mobile Spay and Neuter unit offers its schedule this month. Memphians who receive government assistance are eligible for low cost spay/neuters for their animals. To qualify, you must show proof of residency and proof of receiving government assistance, such as food stamps, Social Security, disability, or unemployment. Dogs can be spayed/neutered for $35 and cats for $30.

The mobile unit can be visited at various SuperLo locations throughout the month of April. Call 901-937-3918 and leave a message on our hotline to make an appointment. A Humane Society representative will return your call and assist you in making an appointment at an offsite location. See the April Fido Fixers schedule below:

  • May 2: 3327 N Watkins
  • May 3: Shelby Farms Dog Park Gate 11
  • May 4: 2155 Covington Pike (Cats ONLY)
  • May 5: 4571 Quince Rd
  • May 9: 3327 N Watkins
  • May 10: Shelby Farms Dog Park Gate 11
  • May 23: 3327 N Watkins
  • May 24: Shelby Farms Dog Park Gate 11
  • May 25: 2155 Covington Pike
  • May 26: 4744 Spottswood Ave
  • May 30: 3327 N Watkins
  • May 31: Shelby Farms Dog Park Gate 11

If you are not receiving government assistance, but would still like to help control the pet overpopulation problem by spaying or neutering your animals, there is an additional discounted fee scale offered by Fido Fixers and Project STOP. See the price scale below:

  • Cats: $40
  • Dogs 5olbs or below: $55
  • Dogs over 50 lbs: $75

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