Your trash
is our treasure.

Cans for Pets

Your trash is our treasure. Every time you throw away an empty aluminum can, you could be helping save an animal’s life. Cans for Pets, our recycling program, is an opportunity to turn trash into funds for the Humane Society.

The Cans for Pets program allows the community to drop off their empty aluminum cans into the Republic Services Can Corral located in the parking lot of the Humane Society. The funds raised from the recycling program help us house and feed the many cats and dogs at the Humane Society. One pound of cans (33 cans) feeds a large dog for a day.

Simply bring us the empty aluminum beverage cans that you would normally throw out at home, and you’re helping save lives! It’s that simple. (Note: We are not able to use any other types of cans, such as from canned food.)

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