Volunteer Opportunities

Dog Walking Volunteers (18+ years old):

Dog walking volunteers help our dogs become more adoptable by giving them much needed exercise and using techniques to teach them behaviors that will help them get adopted by their forever family. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age or older to volunteer as a dog walker. As a dog walker you will socialize, train, and exercise adoptable dogs by taking them on their daily walks. Services also include: cleaning, filling & passing out the enrichment toy known as KONGS, filling dog water bowls, folding laundry, scooping waste, and other general activities around the facility.

We color-code our dogs and our volunteers to ensure that the advanced dogs are walked by more experienced, specially trained volunteers. To become a dog walking volunteer, you are required to fill out an application (here) and attend a Volunteer Orientation.

We ask that you purchase your volunteer supplies (yellow t-shirt and leash) at the time of your scheduled Dog Walker Orientation or before your first day of volunteering. We also ask that you sign up in advance to attend the Dog Walker Orientation as seats in the class are limited.

Please note that volunteer dog walking shifts are only available 9am-11am and 3:30-6:30pm (Monday through Sunday). If you are unable to volunteer during one of the above shifts, it may be best to seek an alternate opportunity!


Cat Cleaning & Care (18+ years old):

Help our amazing cat care staff keep our kennels clean and our cats happy by volunteering for one of our cat cleaning shifts. We clean our cat habitat every morning beginning at 9am, including sanitizing and wiping down kennels, emptying litter boxes and refilling litter boxes, doing dishes, refilling food and water bowls, and doing laundry. This is an essential part of our daily work, and helps keep our feline residents comfortable and healthy. We also provide enrichment through playtime and socialization, to ensure that our cats have the best chance possible at a successful adoption.

We ask that you submit a volunteer application and purchase your green volunteer t-shirt before your first shift volunteering in the cat habitat.


Foster Care

Fostering pets is a great way to get involved with our work at HSMSC from your own home! We place pets that are too young, or too ill, to be adopted in foster care placements. These animals may be injured, sick, abused, un-weaned, nursing mothers and their pups/kittens or those too young for adoption. The length of foster placements depend on the individual animal’s circumstances, and could range from two weeks to three months.

In general, we do not place young, healthy, ready for adoption animals in foster homes, and we are also not specifically a foster-to-adopt program, although foster parents are welcome to fill out an adoption application and be considered for a match if they decide they would like to adopt their foster pet. The Humane Society provides all medical treatment and any equipment needed while the pet is being fostered, and it is the foster’s responsibility to bring the pet in for regular appointments and check ups. For more information please see our Become a Foster Parent page.


Student Community Service

Our student volunteer program is currently closed while we reorganize and evaluate need and staff capacity to host volunteers.


Doggie Bank Collector

Volunteers place donation canisters at area locations, collect the money on a regular basis, and count and deliver the money to the Humane Society. This program is ideal for busy people who would love to help the Humane Society, but cannot schedule a regular commitment. If you are interested in helping with donation canisters, please reach out to Savannah Boster at 901-937-3943.


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