Meet Our Trainer, Marianne Spengler

Meet Our Trainer, Marianne Spengler

A core part of our mission is to offer refuge, medical care, nourishment and an opportunity for a second chance at life to injured and abused animals.  Our certified trainer Marianne is a big part of that mission.  Training relieves kennel stress and prepares our dogs for life in their new homes.

Humane Society animals come from many different backgrounds, but some needs are universal.   Each dog needs personal attention to help them stay calm and learn how to behave around people, and each one needs help learning basic manners that will help them settle into a future home.

Marianne was working at a canine day care center when she first got interested in training.  Inspired by the need she saw in her job, she began researching dog training as a career and found the Animal Behavior College.  Shortly after that, she saw a certification for training shelter dogs and knew she’d found her calling.

After a year and a half of study – including volunteering with the Humane Society as a dog walker – Marianne achieved her certification and became trained in animal CPR.  She continued to volunteer while working as a freelance trainer, until the fateful day when she saw the Humane Society was looking to hire full-time trainer for their dogs.  Marianne’s drive to help homeless pets with her training skills made her a perfect fit.  “I cried for about half an hour with joy” after accepting the job, she says.

Marianne works with staff and volunteers to find and meet each dog’s training needs.  Shy dogs receive extra socialization to help bring them out of their shell.  Dogs who jump or pull receive training plans to teach them leash manners, making them easier to show and more appealing to adopters.  For dogs who are bored or stressed, there are games and tricks to learn.  Her goal is to see each one become a happier, healthier dog who will make a great pet!

Starting in February, Marianne will be sharing her training tips and answers to frequently asked questions on Tuesdays.  Check us out on Facebook:

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