Lolo Goes Home After 1.5 Years in Shelter

Lolo Goes Home After 1.5 Years in Shelter

lolo-adoption-picWe were all so thrilled so see our longest-term dog resident go home in November! Lolo originally came to us in January 2015 with two broken legs, one of which we were able to repair with surgery and one of which had to be amputated. She was adopted, but ultimately returned to us because of her severe separation anxiety. Lolo was a favorite among staff and volunteers, and we all hoped her day would come soon.

Recently the perfect family came in and met Lolo and fell in love, and Lolo finally got her forever home after a year and a half at HSMSC!

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  • Who is your longest-term furson now? - February 11, 2018

    The staff and facility there exceed awesome. The bldg is bright,cheerful and clean,clean,clean.
    The staff is welcoming,knowlegable and ready to ans


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