Job Opportunity – Veterinary Assistant

Job Opportunity – Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant

Primary function: provide the daily care, cleaning and feeding to animals, both dog and cat, housed in the Clinic areas.

Assist Veterinarians and Animal Care Manager in providing medical care and treatment as directed and administer medications and other treatments under the direction of the Veterinarians. Will work to ensure the health, safety, comfort and well being of animals in our care. Will relay concerns regarding animal’s health and well being to the Animal Care Manager and will ensure that special needs for feeding, cleaning, exercise, etc. of each animal are met and that all safety and cross contamination policies are adhered to. Duties include familiarity with animal handling and care, hard physical work and the ability to handle a wide variety of animals, including those that may be extremely shy or aggressive. Must demonstrate compassion for animals and an ability to work well as a team member and to serve as a positive representative of the Humane Society to both staff and the public.

If you would like to know more about this position, please click on this link- Veterinary Assistant

If you would like to apply for this position, please email your resume, along with a brief statement describing why you are an ideal candidate for this position to Megan Toeller at

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