Senior Dog Fergus Welcomed into Hospice Foster Home

Fergus is an adorable little 8-year-old wire-haired terrier who we transferred from the Germantown Animal Shelter because he was having some issues with seizures. He's a happy little guy, but he just wasn't doing well in the shelter environment. One of our animal caretakers, Catey Cuesta, decided to open up her home and heart to Fergus as a hospice foster home. We are happy to have a handful of caring foster parents who are willing to serve as hospice fosters. Doing what we do--caring for injured and abused animals--it's no surprise we see some animals that are terminal, very old, or just weak. Often, we can see that these animals still have some life left in them and they aren't currently suffering, so in those cases we look for a hospice foster where the animal can live out their final days with dignity and peace. Sometimes it's days or weeks. But sometimes the hospice cases surprise us and live months or several more years! We don't know what their lives were like before they got to us, and there's nothing... Read More

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