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HSMSC Takes In Injured Dog Lunzie

Your help is needed! Please read Lunzie's story below. If you would like to donate to help with Lunzie's medical expenses, visit http://bit.ly/2iAEgv1 Lunzie was found by a Good Samaritan running stray. She was severely matted to the point of being unable to defecate due to the matting around her rear end. She also had a condition called KCS or "dry eye" which causes her not to be able to produce tears. Without supplemental tears, her eyes had produced copious amounts of green discharge, which cause the mats around her face to irritate the skin to the point of ulceration. On top of that, she was severely anemic due to an extreme flea infestation, internal parasites and heart worm disease. She also has an umbilical hernia which will need repaired when she is sedated for spay. She underwent an emergency grooming where she was shaved almost down to the skin, bathed to get rid of the fecal material and live fleas, and received a much needed nail trim since multiple nails had curled back into her paw pads. She has... Read More

Fido Fixers Unit Offsite Schedule – May 2017

In an effort to reach zip codes with higher populations of unaltered animals, the Fido Fixers Mobile Spay and Neuter... Read More

HSMSC Announces New Summer Hours

In order to better accommodate our patrons and our animals, we have extended our hours throughout the summer. This new... Read More

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