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Cold Weather Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe

With temperatures dropping we want to share some helpful tips to keep your fur-babies comfortable and safe during these winter months. Plan ahead and pay attention to cold-weather warnings. Keep your pets inside, both during the day and night. Just because they have fur doesn’t mean they can withstand cold temperatures. Keep your cats indoors. Cats can freeze in cold weather without shelter. Sometimes cats left outdoors in cold weather seek shelter and heat under the hoods of automobiles and are injured or killed when the ignition is turned on. Banging loudly on the hood of your car a few times before starting the engine will help avoid a tragic situation. (This is true for wild animals in cold weather as well). When walking your dogs during bad weather, keep them on leash. It’s easier for a dog to become lost in winter storm conditions — more dogs are lost during the winter than during any other season. (And don’t forget to microchip and put ID tags on your dogs and cats!) If your dog spends a lot of time... Read More

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